Added Value Technology
MacStan® HSR™ Immersion Tin

Added Value Technology is your quick-turn source for the MacStan® HSR™ Immersion Tin process. A lead-free alternative to hot air leveling (HAL), the process deposits an organo-metallic tin with a fine-grained structure that eliminates whisker growth. The tin deposit demonstrates excellent solderability characteristics even after multiple heat excursions, harsh environmental and storage conditions.


  • Replacement for HAL
  • Extremely flat finish
  • Compatible with soldermasks, flux and pastes
  • Improved PWB structural integrity


  • Thickness: 20-50 microinches
  • Standard Panel Size: 9 x 12 - 22 x 27. Routed parts and other panel sizes may be processed, call for details
  • Flex and Rigid Capabilities