Added Value Technology
Hot Air Solder Leveling

Please note: Effective July 1, 2010 AVT will no longer offer Lead Free Hot Air Leveling as a surface finish option.

Added Value Technology is pleased to offer Hot Air Leveling (HAL). This horizontal leveling system allows an extremely flat finish. Although other, newer, technologies offer advancements over HAL, the process still offers a cost-effective and high-quality option when the application demands it.

63/37 Tin Lead
Utilizing Florida Cirtech, Inc Bar Solder & Flux/Oil.


  • Standard Thickness: 100-500 microinches
  • Standard Panel Size: 9 x 12 - 24 x 36
    Routed parts and other panel sizes may be processed, call for details
  • Flex and Rigid Capabilities

Florida Cirtech, Inc